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Pride 2024 Printable Reading Challenge - Charity Fundraiser

Pride 2024 Printable Reading Challenge - Charity Fundraiser

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Have some books with LGBT+ rep that you just can't wait to read?! Use this free tracker to color in as you read to make it more fun! Here's how:

  • Print your trackers at any size you want. You can print on either regular paper or sticker paper.
  • Choose your books and start reading! Choose any books that you want that has LGBT representation
  • Once you've finished a book, color in one of the books on the shelf and write in your title and rating on the challenge table
  • Color in the other items or the background however you want to really make your bookshelf stand out!
  • Feel free to print as many copies as you'd like!

Please send this challenge to all of your friends so you can celebrate Pride month (or any other time) together!

*75% of all proceeds from this challenge being sold in the first month (June 2024) will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign, a charity organization that fights for LGBT+ rights across all fifty states in the United States*

CHECK OUT NOTE: Our system requires a log in and info for a secure "checkout" process, even if it's a free one like this. You are NOT required to receive any additional promotions or anything like that. When it asks, just make sure that checkbox is not marked and you shouldn't have to input any credit card or payment info. If you are uncomfortable with entering in your name and email in our checkout process, then email me at and I will send you the file. 

This kit includes:

• 1 PNG image files sized to be print on a letter size sheet of paper or smaller. 

These printable stickers are strictly for your own personal use—please do not share my files or print them out for others for free or for profit. 


(these are affiliate links to amazon so if you purchase with my link, I get a small percentage but there is no additional cost to you)

  • sticker paper: This is the paper that I used when we first started our shop!
  • silhouette portrait (a portrait is perfectly fine for stickers. You only need a silhouette cameo if you want to cut things wider than 8 inches)
  • Printer + Printer Ink: You do NOT need a super fancy or expensive printer for home use. Just one that prints color nicely like canon.

For a more in depth look at our printable stickers instructions, please visit our blog post. 

• Make sure when printing, you print on the best setting for your printer and as “actual size” or 100% to print on full size sheets of paper. For other sizes, adjust accordingly
• Your color results will vary based on your printer
• No refunds can be issued due to the digital nature of the product

Files will be downloaded in a compressed format. (either .rar or .zip)

To extract, download winRAR or winZIP, free programs, and follow their instructions. 

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