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Creating & Co is a bookish sticker shop which means that we released a bunch of stickers that are designed for either decorating your planner or journal for fun to match what you’re reading or just for tracking your reading

We release a bunch of reading challenges that you can do on your own or with the Creating & Co book club group. In fact, we host at least four reading challenges and four readathons a year and during those times, we read a group read, chat about what we’re reading and share our planners/journals.

We do have certain categories for our stickers for ease of shopping, but keep in mind that planning is a creative hobby and that means you can use our stickers in ways that we didn’t think of and there are no true rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

What planners do you stickers fit?

  • This is a hard question, because the answer is really that you can make stickers work in any planner. 
  • Our labels are typically 1.5” wide and our icons are usually about 0.65” wide unless otherwise noted.
  • This means that our stickers will fit most common planners. Unfortunately, there’s no way for me to know every planner out there. But we do have a compatible planner list here. If you have a planner that isn’t on the list, but our stickers work for it, please email me at and I’ll add it to the list!
  • We also have new mini kits that have stickers that are 1.0” wide and can be used in a5 or even hobonichi cousin layouts (those columns are typically about 1.25” wide)

When are sticker releases?

  • Our sticker releases are usually every two weeks. Sometimes we move stuff around, but we always make events in the facebook group and send emails for releases. We usually try to send a calendar our in our email list too, but sometimes we forget.
  • You can also keep up with releases via instagram or tiktok

When do you have sales?

We have sales throughout the year that will be announced via social media and our email list. Our biggest sale of the year is usually our Black Friday sale.

What are reading challenges?

Reading challenges are fun games that are designed to make reading a bit more fun. They often have a topic like the Alphabet challenge where you read books with titles that start with each letter of the alphabet. The challenge is to read books until the alphabet is complete. People can also make up their own challenges with reading prompts, creating a scavenger hunt to find books that fit and can take all year to complete or a certain amount of time.

What are the Creating & Co Reading Challenges?

  • Creating & Co started making our own challenges in 2017 and we do a year long challenge and seasonal challenges plus random themed challenges throughout the year. These can all be done on your own and at your own pace. 
  • Our seasonal challenges always have a planning party in the Creating & Co Book club where we show off our planners and chat about the group read along with some shop credit giveaways.

What are readathons?

  • Readathons are usually short events (unlike reading challenges where they can be over a whole year) and are usually more niche and themed. Like, you may find a readathon that’s just for reading dragon books or historical romance. 
  • Creating & Co does four readathons a year that are usually a week long in the Creating  & Co Book Club. During that week, we work towards a goal together and show off our planners and do other bookish threads in the group.
  • You can do readathons on your own as well, but the idea is to read as many books as you can during that short time span, so it’s often more motivating and fun to do it in a group.

What’s the difference between a challenge and a readathon?

  • The main difference is really semantics but for our purposes, we consider a challenge to be more long term and a readathon to be short term. 
  • A reading challenge is often done across an entire quarter or year, whereas a readathon may be a day, week, or month long event.
  • Both can be done on your own or with friends.

Do I have to buy the stickers to do the challenges?

You do not have to buy our stickers to do the challenges, but the stickers may make it more fun

What are the badge stickers for?

  • Regular members of the challenges wanted to keep track and “collect” the challenges we do, so we started making badge stickers to do that. You don’t have to collect them, but when you see people refer or ask about badges, that’s what it is.
  • All of our challenge sets come with badges, unless it’s more of a notes page where you just keep track of something (like the tbr “challenge” is really more of a log for reading books that are on your to-be-read list already)

Do you do custom orders?

Please email us with the contact form to request a custom order. We are able to create custom reading challenge pages and new functional stickers, but are not able to create custom weekly kits at this time.

You still need help?

If the FAQ above did not answer your questions, you may ask help from our support team by contacting us directly via email.