Reading Mode Activated Stickers - DC10
Read With Me Weekly Planner Kit  - BK19
Weekly Pre-Planning 5x7 Notepad
Reading and Introverting Stickers - DC11
Summer Relaxathon Weekly Planner Kit  - BK08
Full box stickers of the weekly planner kit inspired by a court of thorns and roses
Turn the Page Weekly Planner Kit - WK09
Floral Nautical Weekly Planner Kit  - BK07
Paperbacks and E-books and Audiobooks - Oh My!

Paperbacks and E-books and Audiobooks - Oh My!

Hi planner friends!  How was your week?  Did you participate in the Creating & Co Summer Relaxathon?  I did and it was so much fun!  It got me thinking, though, about all of the different types of books & reading options we have these days.
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Summer Plans

Summer Plans

Summer is here!!  It has been extremely hot in Kansas this last week.  I'm so bummed that we barely got a spring.  But I am excited to do summer things!
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When you can't pick a book format choose them all. Its only a balancing act after all.

How to Beat a Reading Slump

Hey guys I hope your all well and reading as many books as you can get your hands on. I have been a book junkie since I learned how to read and I am always looking for the next good book. In April I read 10 books and on the heels of such a fantastic reading month I fell right into a slump.
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