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Tropical Bookcation Book Cover Scavenger Hunt Reading Challenge Open Book Label Stickers - RC353

Tropical Bookcation Book Cover Scavenger Hunt Reading Challenge Open Book Label Stickers - RC353

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Each sticker sheet comes with 12 labels that are 1.5" wide to be used in your planner to go along with your reading challenge. 

For this challenge, find a book that has the item on it's cover and apply it towards the challenge. For example, find a book with a crown on it and then read it to complete the prompt. 

This set also comes with a title and a badge for keeping track of what the challenge is and that you've completed it along with a few deco stickers to use to embellish the pages.

Here are the items you're looking for:

  • Leaf - a book that has a leaf on the cover. Like the kit, I'll be looking for a palm leaf if I can, but I didn't want to limit you to a type of leaf when there are so many kinds out there so feel free to use any leaf!
  • Water - There's a ton of kits that have bodies of water on them or even just water droplets as part of the design, so that's what we're looking for! I was googling summer covers and especially noticed a bunch of beaches on covers, so those count too!
  • Sparkle - Even though this isn't a sparkly kit, I thought we could easily look for some sparkles! This could be actual glitter on the cover or just some drawn on sparkle or star embellishments!
  • Transportation - This is represented by a car in the challenge, but I didn't want to limit you here either. You can do a car or a plane or even a boat!
  • Drink - We had food on one of the other seasonal challenges, so it's time to look for a drink! This can be a drink being the main feature of the cover or even if a character on the cover is holding a drink or one sitting on a table in the background
  • Free Space/Group Read - This one is represented by a few books and we'll vote on the group read, as I said. If you don't want to read the group read, you can always use it as a free space!

We print on a high quality matte paper and your stickers will be amazingly vibrant and you will love them but please note that due to variances in monitor and phone screens, the colors may vary from what you see on screen.

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