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Spring 2024 Reading Challenge Bundle

Spring 2024 Reading Challenge Bundle

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This BUNDLE comes with 6 of our sticker sets for our Spring Countryside 2024 Spring Reading Challenges. This is a pack of the essentials for everything you need for the season!

Here's everything included:

  • Vertical Weekly Planner Kit - 4 5x7 Sticker Sheets - Our vertical weekly kits contains 94 functional stickers + an amount of decorative stickers to use in your planner.
  • Reading Sampler - 1 5x7 Sticker Sheet containing stickers for tracking your reading. Each sheet contains 33 stickers.
  • Books Read - 1 5x7 Sticker Dashboard Sheet
  • Book Superlatives - 1 5x7 Sticker Dashboard Sheet
  • Reading Challenge - 1 5x7 Sticker Dashboard + 1 3.5"x 4.5" sticker sheet for tracking reading and the challenge. Contains a "badge" sticker and 21 other stickers for a total of 23 stickers in the set
  • Reading Achievements - 1 3.5" x 4.5" sticker sheet containing 14 stickers.

For more info on this challenge, check the site's blog. You can purchase this bundle with other items as well. 

For this challenge, find a book that has the item on it's cover and apply it towards the challenge. For example, find a book with a crown on it and then read it to complete the prompt. 

Here are the items you're looking for:

  • jewel
  • kiss
  • lace/filigree pattern
  • tree
  • mountain
  • group read/free space: Our group read will be voted on in the book club group in February

We print on a high quality matte paper and your stickers will be amazingly vibrant and you will love them but please note that due to variances in monitor and phone screens, the colors may vary from what you see on screen.

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