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Fantasy Trope Word Search Reading Challenge Dashboard and Sticker Trackers for 7x9 Planners - RC343

Fantasy Trope Word Search Reading Challenge Dashboard and Sticker Trackers for 7x9 Planners - RC343

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This set comes with one large sticker that is 6.25 wide and 8.25 tall and perfect for 7x9 planners.  This means that you can hole punch it and use it as is OR you can peel the backing off to stick in your planner. Instructions can be found on the image.

This set also comes with a badge sticker for keeping track of what the challenge is and that you've completed it along with a few deco stickers to use to embellish the pages.

Here are the list of fantasy tropes you are looking for:

  • Tragic Backstory - the main character has a tragic backstory 
  • Political - there is plenty of political intrigue and actions are motivated for political reasons
  • Parallel World - the real world exists next to a magical one and the characters either know about the fantasy world or have to actually travel to it
  • Artifact - there's a magical artifact somewhere in the story 
  • Anti-Hero - a character is a good guy, but lacks the typical morals of a hero ie: idealism, courage or morality. This character is usually pretty jaded about life, but helps others anyway. 
  • Forbidden Magic - magic is forbidden or hidden
  • Chosen One - there's one person who is meant to solve whatever the plot is 
  • Reluctant - the protagonist is reluctant to join in the fight for whatever reason 
  • Legends - there's a legend or folktale that is told in the story or has an influence on the plot
  • School - there's a school where people learn to do whatever it is they are doing. This can be a formal school or an informal school 
  • Inheritance - there's a character that inherits something 
  • Good V. Evil - the story focuses on the battle between good and evil. If this is part of a series, the battle does not have to occur, but there is a good and evil side of the story
  • Creatures - there's a magical creature somewhere in the story 
  • Mentor - the main character or characters have a mentor that is typically older than them
  • Quest - the characters go on a quest for some reason, whether it's a person or item or place they are looking for

We print on a high quality matte paper and your stickers will be amazingly vibrant and you will love them but please note that due to variances in monitor and phone screens, the colors may vary from what you see on screen.

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