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Fairytale Picnic 5x7 Readathon Dashboard and Sticker Trackers - RC346

Fairytale Picnic 5x7 Readathon Dashboard and Sticker Trackers - RC346

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This set comes with two 4.75" x 6.75" dashboards made with our sticker paper. This means that you can hole punch it and use it as is OR you can peel the backing off to stick in your planner. It also comes with a sheet of our book and deco stickers to be used on the dashboard or elsewhere in your planner

Sheet #3 can be purchased alone - this sheet contains stickers that you can use in your weekly layout with the prompts on it, if desired. 

Here are the prompts:

  • Magical Elements: A book that contains some form of magical element, whether that's a full on magical world or just something that seems a bit more magical than normal life
  • Fairytale Vibes: It doesn't have to be a full on fairytale retelling, but something with the same vibes, whatever that means to you
  • Read Outside: Let's get outside now that the weather is warmer! You don't have to read the ENTIRE book outside (especially if it's a long one), but try to get outside at least once while you're reading it!
  • Someone Chose: This can be a rec someone gave you or a gift or even just asking a friend what book you should read next. This can also be chosen from one of the threads in the Facebook group. 
  • Group Read/Free Space: We will vote for a group read in the Creating & Co Book Club to discuss during the event in the group from 3/18-3/25

We print on a high quality matte paper and your stickers will be amazingly vibrant and you will love them but please note that due to variances in monitor and phone screens, the colors may vary from what you see on screen.

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