Creating & Co Bookish Vertical Planner Subscription

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This sticker collection includes various sheets of individual kiss-cut stickers designed to be used in your vertical planner or other calendar.

Here are the contents of each subscription:

  • Vertical Weekly Planner Kit - 4 5x7 Sticker Sheets - Our vertical weekly kits contains 94 functional stickers + an amount of decorative stickers to use in your planner.
  • Title Reading Challenge - 1 5x7 Dashboard Sticker Sheets - Our title challenge is a dashboard sticker that you can use as a bookmark or by peeling the backing off to stick in your planner. Each one depicts books on a bookshelf with a letter on each spine of the books. To use, simply pick a book that starts with that letter and read it. There is a place to record the statistics for the challenge underneath the shelf.
  • Reading Sampler - 1 3x4 Sticker Sheets - A selection of 17 functional reading stickers for you to use in your planner layout.
  • Badge Sticker - This is a sticker you can use to keep track of what challenge's you've completed. This comes with 3 deco stickers to use as well
  • Total Amount of Stickers: 116

We will reveal the next theme for our subscription on the 1st of each month (or the 1st weekday of each month) and we will ship after the 15th. If you place an order after the 15th, you will automatically receive the next month's theme, rather than the current month's theme, regardless of if you purchase the one time purchase or the subscription. If you'd like the current month's theme and it is after the 15th, please email me at

Our theme reveal will occur via the facebook group and our email list

If you purchase other items with your subscription, all items will ship when we ship the batch of subscriptions. 

We print on a high quality matte paper and your stickers will be amazingly vibrant and you will love them but please note that due to variances in monitor and phone screens, the colors may vary from what you see on screen.

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