What is a Traveling Planner?

What is a Traveling Planner?

By: Aimée Cook (@planwithaimee)

Just like the sisterhood of the traveling pants, but with a planner!  #planners #planning

The Arizona Planner Girls have a fun community building planner, we call it the Traveling Planner. This planner gets passed around week after week to fellow AZ planners. We each take a turn planning and decorating our pages the way we might in our own planners. It's a really neat way to see other planning styles as well as learn more about our fellow planners. This week was my week with the traveling planner!

I decided to use the Planner Friends kit from the Creating & CO. shop. That kit was too perfect for this planner, especially since my week fell on the same week of the Planner Friends planner party!

When a planner girl gets the Traveling Planner we are asked to add our birthdays in the notes pages of that month, mark off our week in the monthly and plan in the week view. Here is what my birthday and monthly page look like!


This week was a particularly hard week for me. We buried my Grandpa Jim on Monday. It was a beautiful ceremony at the National Cemetery in Georgia, complete with a 21 gun salute and Taps. Tuesday, I flew home with four of my kids and my mom. Wednesday was a bright day because my six week old smiled for the first time. Wednesday also brought us back into everyday life. With the Traveling Planner I was able to share with everyone a glimpse at my daily life and one of the hardest moments in my adult life. The planner is chalk full of moments like this where we celebrate our biggest and lowest moments. I asked two of the girls if I could share their pages here too, to show how differently we use the planner.


JJ is a wonderful planner friend I was able to make because of the local community. I really liked the way she claimed her monthly space in the planner. I also feel like the bright colors in the weekly spread reflect her personality perfectly! You can find more of JJ on Instagram @jj_meeker.

Stephanie is another really good friend of mine. I had to share her page, because she used my favorite kit ever on her week. I just love stars (hence why my washi tape above is stars) and the night sky. Stephanie can be found on Instagram @stickerinsanity.

One last section I wanted to share with you is the very back of this Erin Condren Life Planner. Planner girls have been adding freebies and samplers for each other to use. This really shows the heart in this community!

Tomorrow I meet with Em, the planner girl who is next, and pass off the planner. I am a little sad to be done so soon, but I look forward to seeing the completed planner at the end of the year.

You can view the plan with me for this layout HERE.

Does your community have a Traveling Planner or have you participated in using one?

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Aimee you are sweet. The traveling planner was so much fun. I can’t wait to do it again next year! I miss seeing you at meet ups! I also love seeing all of you sweet pictures of your family! :)

JJ Meeker

OMFG this is such an AMAZING idea…wanting to adapt it now for something else…


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