Summer Plans

Summer Plans

by Darchelle Vajen



Summer is here!!  It has been extremely hot in Kansas this last week.  I'm so bummed that we barely got a spring.  But I am excited to do summer things!


First of all, this is my second summer living in a neighborhood with a pool.  So going to the pool is always a fun option!  The first week of June I am going to a Kansas City Royals game with a group from work.  I'm excited because I rarely get to go to games and our group is getting to sit in the party deck!


Batter Up Weekend


Unfortunately I don't have any plans to travel this summer, but I plan on reading a lot.  I'm really looking forward to the Summer Relaxathon June 4-10!  I am working a ton of extra hours this summer, which kind of stinks, but that means more money for planner stickers!  


Batter Up


What are your plans for the summer?  If you are going anywhere fun, leave a comment and let me know so I can live vicariously through you!  :)

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