New Year, New Books Readathon: The Last 2020 Reading Event!

New Year, New Books Readathon: The Last 2020 Reading Event!

Our final readathon of the year is in December...and this year we've decided to take that week right after Christmas for the readathon. Hopefully by then, the holiday rush is over for the most part and there will be more time for reading.

That does mean we're celebrating New Year's together so the theme obviously had to be "New Year, New Books". We'll be entering a secret book speakeasy and reading all week!

We're busy prepping for the release of all the items on Friday 11/6 at 10am CST, but I wanted to go ahead and give you some sneaks and all the info. The stickers will all be released here on our website in the New Year, New Books section and the event itself will be taking place in the Creating & Co Book Club!

You can sign up for our email list if you aren't already at the top of the page or follow us on Instagram to add alerts for our release countdowns (found in our stories) OR join the planner facebook group! We try to give as many options for getting alerts as possible. 

The readathon itself will be taking place Dec 28-Jan 3
New Year, New Books Items Live!
New Year, New Books Starts!

Now, let me show you a quick look at the weekly kit and then I'll tell you all about readathons.This kit will be available in all of our kit formats along with some matching functional stuff!


A readathon is a special event hosted by someone within the book community. For our purposes, it's hosted by the Creating & Co book club group. During the time period of the readathon, we read books according to different challenges and do other fun stuff like reading sprints and photo challenges!

We've been revealing the prompts in the book club group so make sure you check the announcements in the group to get some book ideas!

For this readathon, we will have five book challenges:

  1. Group Read: TBA (We'll be voting on the group read starting on friday in the book club group!)
  2. Gilded: This one is a foiled cover or some kind of metallic paint or wording or images on the book itself. This could even be sprayed edges if they are sprayed a metallic color!
  3. Set in the 20s: Maybe it's set in the 1820s, the 1920s or even the 2020s or 2120s! the choice is yours!
  4. Related to the Number 20: Maybe some characters are in their 20s or the title has the number 20 in it or the number 20 appears in some other way
  5. Last Hurrah: This one is meant to be last book you read for 2020. How do you want to cap your year? Grab that book!


For these challenges, you can read one book that fits all the challenges or a different book for each challenge or do a little bit of both! It's up to you!

As always, we're leaving it up to you as to what counts for each prompt. These prompts are meant to be a guide so if you can make a book fit, then it works!


Obviously, we'll have a bunch of sticker options and it's so much fun to decorate your planner in a fun theme! We'll be posting threads in the book club group that entire week b/c we want to see your planner!

You could also watch some tv or movies set in the 20s! Just some ideas:

  • The Great Gatsby (movie)
  • Chicago (movie-musical)
  • Peaky Blinders (tv show)
  • Downton Abbey (tv show)
  • Boardwalk Empire (tv show)
  • American Horror Story: Hotel (tv show): This one just has flashbacks to the 20s and is set in present day

If we're able to that week, we may even have a watchalong for a movie! Stay tuned in the group for any other announcements. 

Finally, we'd love to see some 20s themed bookish instagram posts! Use the hashtag #ccnewyearnewbooks so we can find them! We'll share as many as we can to our stories!

We will also have a thread where we can chat all the spoiler-y details for the group read in the facebook group!


    A reading sprint is when one of the cohosts post in the facebook group to read for a certain amount of time. Everyone that can reads during that time and then reports back with how much they read. It's a lot of fun and a good way to meet your reading goals AND read with others!


    Absolutely NOT! To participate in the readathon, it's totally free! You just have to pick a book and read with us!

    We will have a bunch of items--like an exclusive planner kit, a creative journaling kit, some bookish functional stickers, and even an enamel pin!

    We do a special pin for each of our readathons---I think of them kind of like race swag. When you sign up for a race, you may get a finisher's medal and that's what inspired our pins!


    We just released a new kit format in our shop called our "Creative Journaling" kit that is PERFECT for bullet journals or if you don't typically use planner kits. You can buy each sheet on its own or all of them together.

    Like I said, we'll have over 20 bookish functional sheets, so I'm not going to show you them all, but so you can get some ideas...
    These are great to use the week of the readathon but also all throughout your planner!
    We'll also be releasing a bookmark
    Now let me show you that pin I mentioned! The bookmark and enamel pin are both going to be limited stock.
    I think that's pretty much it! I can't wait to see how you guys plan for this readathon with all of the options and I can't wait for the readathon to actually start! Hopefully, my reading slump will be gone by then. Eek!

    I can't wait to see you on Friday in the book club! Don't forget to stop by on Friday--we'll be picking some group reads so we can put together a poll!
    Paige Tapley

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