Journey (Under the Sea) for Books Readathon Details

Journey (Under the Sea) for Books Readathon Details

When is it?

We just had our April readathon, which means it's time to shift our focus to our June readathon. I know, there's always something happening in the C&C Book Club, but we also need to release stuff so early for the post service here we are!

I'm really excited for this one because I love the bright colors of the kit and it reminds me of a readathon we did a couple of years ago--in general I just love under the sea things and we're mixing it up this time! More on that in a bit.

Journey for Books will be taking place from June 21st - 27th and the release will be THIS Friday on 5/7 at 12PMcst. Make sure you're grabbing it as soon as you can to give the post office time to get it to you!

Here's a countdown for when the readathon starts. 

Journey (Under the Sea) for Books Starts 

This kit will be available in all of our formats -- the standard/vertical kit, the half kit, the anti-kit for bullet journals, the horizontal kit AND our creative journaling kit... so basically, no matter how you plan, you're bound to find some stickers that work for you!

These will all be located in the Journey for Books Section on Friday so you can look through all the pics for more details. I'll show some more of the stickers coming later in this post, but for now, let's switch gears and look at the reading prompts!

What are the reading prompts?

It has been awhile since we've done a reading prompt map but I felt like this was the perfect week to do one because the entire story of the kit is that we're going under the sea to find lost books/artifacts!

To keep it interesting, you can choose which path you want to take to read. There is one path with 5 prompts and one path with 7 prompts. Now, like always with our readathons, you can have as many books per prompt as you want, so if you find one book that will cover every prompt, that's totally okay!

Each path will have a group read, which we will vote on in the Creating & Co Book club starting this weekend!

Path 1:

1. Group Read

6. Beach Setting

7. Whole New World

8. One Word Title

9. Blue Cover

Path 2:

1. Group Read

2. Under the Sea

3. Creature Feature

4. Lost

5. Scoundrels

8. One Word Title

9. Blue Cover

If you'd like, you could even extend this readathon to last across the month so you can take both "paths." There will also be a sheet of stickers for you to use that will include some little submarine stickers so you can mark the spots you've completed on the map as you go!

We'll also have a dashboard like we normally do so you can record all of your reads:

This dashboard sticker that is designed to fit inside our Build Your Own Book Journal line! These will fit other planners as well --The sticker is 4.75" wide and 6.75" tall and you can either peel off the backing and stick it in your planner or just clip it in and fill out the books you read as you complete them!

What are some other ways I can celebrate?

We sometimes do a watch party of a movie during our readathons. I'm not sure what movie we'll pick, but we will likely try out using Netflix watch party. I'll ask for movie recommendations closer to the readathon and then we'll vote on a pick! For the last readathon, I never really thought of a movie to watch so I hope we can fit it in for this one!

We also invite you to use the #creatingandco to post all the book and planner pics that week! This theme can be a really fun photography theme as well so I can't wait to see what pictures you take!

We will post threads in the group for you to share your pictures as well. Here's some ideas:

  • A planner layout pic--you can show it off before you've written in it or after!
  • A TBR Stack or Completed Stack--show off the books you plan to read OR the books you read!
  • Under the Sea -- okay, don't put your books in water, but maybe an under the sea themed pic would be fun!

I also want to create some fun story templates that are reading related so look out for those during the week of the readathon! For the last one, we did a TBR collage, a book review template, and a wrap up so look for those!

We're also going to release 2 new book review templates you can use in your book journal or planner if you like!

Let's Take a Look at the Rest of the Planner Stuff!

Alright, let me show you a few other things! We will have an enamel pin for each of our reading events this year!

The idea is that they kind of act like the swag for the event--you can collect them all and by the end of the year you have a representation of all the reading events you participated in! I think of these in comparison to those virtual races where you get a medal for participating, but for readers, obvs.

Our pins are limited stock so make sure you grab them earlier rather than later!

We will also do a selection of our most popular functional reading stickers in this color scheme! That way you can really find the stickers that will best work for you to celebrate this week! 

Finally, let's go over the FAQ!


For these challenges, you can read one book that fits all the challenges or a different book for each challenge or do a little bit of both! It's up to you!

As always, we're leaving it up to you as to what counts for each prompt. These prompts are meant to be a guide so if you can make a book fit, then it works!


A reading sprint is when one of the cohosts post in the facebook group to read for a certain amount of time. Everyone that can reads during that time and then reports back with how much they read. It's a lot of fun and a good way to meet your reading goals AND read with others!


Absolutely NOT! To participate in the readathon, it's totally free! You just have to pick a book and read with us! Of course, like I shared earlier in this post, we will have a bunch of stuff available to purchase so you can celebrate the week the way you want to!

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