How to Make Book Stickers Using Canva

How to Make Book Stickers Using Canva

Have you been wondering how everyone has those stickers of book covers in their planners and journals?

Today, I wanted to share just that! This is a pretty easy process of using Canva and Microsoft Word to make those stickers. 

If you don't have time to watch the video, here's a supply list and a how-to list so you can get the info and then get crafting!


*Quick Note: Canva does have a paid plan but I'm pretty sure I used only the free features. 

How To: 

  • Get all of the book covers you need from either Goodreads or Google
  • Make a folder on Canva and upload the covers
  • Make an image in Canva the size of your planner page
  • Use the "fonts" tool within Canva to create a title (optional)
  • Find the "grids" elements in Canva and find one that is the amount of books you want in one row
  • Resize the row so that your covers will fit in them
  • Drag and drop a cover to make sure it fits correctly (resize until it looks the way you want it to!)
  • Copy and paste your grid row as many times as you need (3 rows of 5 covers, etc)
  • Keep dragging and dropping your covers until all slots are filled
  • Save the image to your computer
  • Open microsoft word or some other program and open a blank document (just use the default, letter size page)
  • Size the image on the page
  • Print on sticker paper that you've loaded into your printer
  • Use paper trimmer to cut out title and covers
  • Arrange in planner and admire your work!
*Optional: Share on social media! Don't forget to tag me @creatingandco so I can see what planner layouts you make!

    And that's everything! I know the how-to list looks long but I wanted to break down each and every step. This process gets quicker and easier the more you do it. 

    I like making these types of layouts for my favorite books but also for seasonal reads, tbr lists, and even just printing a cover for a review in my planner! 

    Check out a reel of the last review I did in my planner for the Eternals movie

    What layout are you going to make first?

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    Thanks so much for the tutorial on this video. Omg I have been trying to figure out out I want to keep a record of books read and after watching tons and tons of videos I have now found one that I like👍🏾. I absolutely love reading and I will definitely try creating a page like your. Thanks so much👍🏾

    Joan Johnson

    Hmmmm…that sounds way too easy 😂

    Janet Lysk-Wolf

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