How to Make a Shaker Dashboard

How to Make a Shaker Dashboard

By: Megan Kelly (@thoranaplans)

how to make a shaker dashboard

I am back with another DIY Tutorial to up your planner game. I'm going to teach you all how to make a shaker dashboard. 


1) Fuse Tool: I got mine from Michael's, but I know Joann's also has one! 
2) Page Protectors: I bought some 3 ring binder page protectors from Target. These work better than laminating sheets because the sequins stick to the inside of laminating sheets unless you double layer your sheets, and then it's too thick for the fuse tool to fuse it together. 
3) Sequins
4) Paper or Dashboard: I grabbed some paper that came with the Creating and Co Bonfire Planner Set Up Kit
5) Straight Edge: most fuse tool kits come with some sort of metal ruler, but I actually prefer using a square I stole from my husband's tool bag
6) Magazine



1. Measure

You'll want to take an existing dashboard you have, if possible, and measure the you'll be using out. I used a Foxy Fix dashboard to measure mine, and I purposefully made the paper slightly smaller since the page protector usually sticks out a bit. 

2. Start Fusing

Your fuse tool will need to heat up for about 10 minutes. After that you'll want to place your page protector on top of your magazine (or crafting mat if you're fancier than I am), line everything up, and fuse the sheet around 3 sides. You will need to leave one side open so you can put your sequins in. 

**Note! t's important to ensure that the lines you fuse have gone completely through, sometimes the tool can get jammed and not fuse areas, which could cause sequins to fall out later. 

3. Sequins

Now is the fun part! You'll want to add in your sequins to the first side of your dashboard, along with the paper you're using, before fusing the fourth side. In my experience you can never add too many sequins, and it's really fun to experiment with colors and/or sizes. For this dashboard, I was inspired by the Night Sky Silver Foiled Washi that came with the Planner Set Up Kit so I used silver sequins and two different sizes of star sequins. 

4. Insert Your Other Dashboard

Now that you've got one half of your dashboard complete, all you need to do is add in your other paper and repeat steps 1-3. I usually try to ensure there's 1/4" in between my dashboards so that they can wrap around my inserts. 

Did you make a shaker dashboard? Are there are DIYs you'd like to see? Let me know in the comments below!

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