How to Beat a Reading Slump

When you can't pick a book format choose them all. Its only a balancing act after all.

By: Kylie Weiss (@pixiepop_plans)

I have been a book junkie since I learned how to read and I am always looking for the next good book. But in April, after reading ten books, I fell right into a slump. Now I'm sharing my strategies for getting yourself out of a reading slump.

 I have been a book junkie since I learned how to read and I am always looking for the next good book. In April, I read ten books and on the heels of such a fantastic reading month I fell right into a slump. Every time I picked up my book to read I lost all focus and ended up putting it down in frustration. Thus I was inspired to write a post about my tricks for getting back on the reading path.

Pick a New Book from Your To-Be-Read Pile

When I keep putting my book down and can’t seem to focus on it my very first step is to go to my tbr pile and find whatever catches my eye first. Sometimes just the excitement of the new book is enough to snap my brain back to reality.

Try a Different Book Format

What I mean is an audio book or an e-reader.  The human mind is a crazy thing. Sometimes it’s easier to listen or the faint glow of your e-reader helps trick you into reading again. 

Give Your Mind a Rest

There are just times when your brain and often your eyes need a break. Try a different hobby for a while and relax. Sometimes forcing it does more harm than good. I know it can often be easier to read again after I have stopped trying so hard.

Read Something Short

Every now and then it gets more daunting then exciting to sit through 500 pages of a story. So picking up a short quick read can be an easy way to get your mind back into focus.

Re-Read Your Favorite Book

If all else fails rereading my favorite book has never let me down.  So I hope reading yours won’t let you down either.

These are the five things I always try when I hit a reading slump and they manage to help pull me back. I hope they are helpful for you guys as well.

Do you have any other strategies for beating a reading slump? 

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