Escape to Book Island Readathon

Escape to Book Island Readathon

It's time for another readathon!

For this one, we are Escaping to Book Island, a fictional place where reading and relaxing are the main priorities. Obviously, we all can't take a vacation that week, but we can in our planners and so this time, we are really focusing on creating a fictional/fantastical world where we can mentally escape all week long!

This readathon will take place Monday, April 22nd-Sunday April 28th!

With that in mind, the kit, the photo challenges, and the reading challenges are all going to take us away!

Now, let's dial back a bit and go over a few things for those that haven't participated with our readathons before.


A readathon is a special event hosted by someone within the book community. For our purposes, it's hosted by the Creating & Co book club group. During the time period of the readathon, we read books according to different challenges and do other fun stuff like reading sprints and photo challenges and even a costume contest!

For this readathon, we will have five book challenges:

  1. Group Read: TBA (vote in the book club group now!)
  2. Matches the Kit: the cover matches/coordinates with the colors that appear in the exclusive readathon kit
  3. Beach Read: a book you might want to take with you and read on the beach
  4. Adventure: the characters go on an adventure
  5. Contains a Heist: hmm pirates anyone?

For these challenges, you can read one book that fits all the challenges or a different book for each challenge or do a little bit of both! It's up to you!


We mentioned photo challenges because we love to encourage creativity over here at Creating & Co and what better way than to combine our love of reading and planners?! 

With that in mind, we invite you to share the photos as you take them or all at once in the book club group AND if you share on social media use the hashtag #ccbookisland.

Now here they are:

  • TBR (To be read) Stack
  • Books You Treasure
  • Spines of Blue
  • Sunset


A reading sprint is when one of the cohosts post in the facebook group to read for a certain amount of time. Everyone that can reads during that time and then reports back with how much they read. It's a lot of fun and a good way to meet your reading goals AND read with others!


For this readathon, we want to have some other events happening in the book club group but we are still narrowing down details! Stay tuned in the group for more announcements!


Absolutely NOT! To participate in the readathon, it's totally free! You just have to pick a book and read with us! Of course, we will have a bunch of items--like an exclusive planner kit, a matching bookmark, special washi, a pin, even a planner charm!

All of these items will be available in the shop on Sunday, March 24th at 10am CST!



Don't forget, we'll be doing SIX readathons this year and each one will have a coordinating pin so make sure you collect them all! 

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