How to Make a Washi Dashboard for your Traveler's Notebook

How to Make a Washi Dashboard for your Traveler's Notebook

By: Megan Kelly (@thoranaplans)

Check out this tutorial on how to DIY your very own washi dashboard for your planner! This one was made for a traveler's notebook, but you could make one for pretty much any planner. #travelersnotebook #bulletjournal #plannerhacks

Hi everyone!
I'm back- this time with a tutorial on how to make your own washi dashboard for your planner! I made one for my TN, but you could make one for pretty much any planner!

What You'll Need: 

  • journaling card
  • washi tapes
  • plain white paper
  • scissors
  • x-acto knife


Step 1: Pick your journaling card

The one I chose is from Creating and Co. I covered the back with white paper so the design wouldn't show through.

Step 2: Select your washi

I picked the house washi from Creating and Co and Deathly Hallows washi from FrankHeartsYou!

Step 3: Find your angle

I placed my middle piece of washi down so I could get the angle correct. Then I started to place washi directly above it. This step can be tricky and I was a little afraid I would somehow get the angle wrong. 

I repeated the above step for the bottom half of the dashboard. One "hack" that I use for cutting washi is to use a gift card or old credit card to cut the washi so you don't have to lift the dashboard up every time to cut it. 

Step 4: Cut the washi

After I laid down all the washi, I peeled the dashboard up so I could cut the washi hanging off. 

I ended up flipping the dashboard over so that I could cut the excess off with an X-acto knife. I didn't use a ruler or anything, the journaling card was thick enough that I could free hand it - but if you're nervous a ruler definitely would help.

And that's it! This was a really fun project and it didn't take long at all to do!

Have you ever made a washi dashboard? Are there are other washi DIY's you'd like to see? Let me know in the comments below!

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