Using Erin Condren Stickers in a Happy Planner

Using Erin Condren Stickers in a Happy Planner

So, I get asked ALL the time if I make planners for the happy planner. The answer is yes and no. So, I do make monthly kits specifically for the happy planner but the weekly kits will fit PERFECTLY in your planner! 

Seriously, it is so easy to make all sorts of layouts in your happy planner using my stickers. I actually have a few different videos for using my stickers in your planner, so make sure to check them out! This will be the best way to figure out what pages you would want to use for yourself.

Here's the most recent one:


Here's some older ones. Keep in mind that our kit formats have changed a bit, though they are still really similar to what is shown here:



I hope these video helped! Comment and let me know what pages you want to use in your happy planner!

PS: I did want to note that I am using the classic happy planner in these kits. If you use the big happy planner or the mini happy planner, our kits may not work without some scissor surgery, but you can definitely use any of the icons or characters you want!

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