Changes to the Creating & Co Kit Format You Need To Know About

Changes to the Creating & Co Kit Format You Need To Know About

Creating & Co kits have undergone some changes and you should be very excited about them! Not only have both the vertical and horizontal kits changed a little bit, but we have new add-on sheets, a complete reformat of the ombre checklists and full box add on sheet. 

Vertical Kit

vertical kit format changes

First things first, the vertical kit. The full boxes sheet stayed the same and the functional page is almost identical as well, except our heart checklists are now stars! For the other two pages, here's a rundown of some of the changes:

  • The washi page lost three asterisks, one habit tracker, and the two page flags but gained some sidebar headers.
  • The washi page also got a facelift in the form of our new ombre checklist and our habit trackers also feature stars now.
  •  The deco page lost a little bit of deco and a few functional icons like the trash can and gas pump but gained 12 Exo character stickers, a prescription bottle, a desk, and the two flags that moved from the washi page.
  • The scalloped weekend banner is no more! We have a new font and a new style of weekend banner.


Horizontal Kit

horizontal kit changes

  • For our horizontal kit, the full box page stayed the same except we opted to add a 9th full box instead of including washi.
  • The date covers page changed to feature our new style of ombre box, a new checklist style, three asterisks and 10 Exo characters.
  • The functional page lost the movie marquee and weekend banner but gained a few sidebar headers.

Ombre Box Add On

ombre box add on changes

Our ombre checklists got a full makeover and the add on now includes eight ombre boxes and one weekly tracker instead of washi. But no worries! The washi has moved to the headers and icon labels page. 

Brush Stroke Icon Add On

brush stroke icons

Brush stroke icons are a brand new add on sheet coming out with all collections. These icons are kiss-cut and so much fun. Totally makes up for the loss of a few functional icons in the full kit.

Full Box and Date Covers Add On

Full box add on format

Even though we just reformatted our full box add on to include an extra set of date covers, we reworked it a little bit again. But you're still getting six additional full boxes, a full set of date covers, and six little asterisk dividers.

Headers, Icon Labels, and Washi Add On

headers and washi format changes

The headers and icons labels page still has all the headers and icon labels that you love but we updated our fonts and icons and added washi to the bottom. Now that the full kit contains the sidebar stickers like spending, errands, and next week, and we removed some of the seldom used icon labels,we had room to add some patterned washi to the bottom of the page.

I'm so excited for you all to start getting the new stickers and trying them out!

What do you think of the reformat? 

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I LOVE the date covers and full boxes! I mainly use a B6 TN, and these are so much more useful. Yay!


Before we make format changes, we ask for requests and opinions in our Facebook group. If you would like to give your input in the future, please join us there! There is actually not a huge difference in deco, it’s just arranged differently. You always have the freedom of not using the character stickers and saving them to use throughout your planner ❤️


To be honest, I would prefer no character stickers and more deco.


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