Scoops of Books Readathon

Scoops of Books Readathon


It's time to start gearing up for our June readathon! Here's all the quick facts:

  • Estimated last day to order items: May19th (Due to possible delays, this is not an exact date)
  • Readathon Dates: Monday, June 3rd - Sunday June, 9th
  • Location: Creating & Co Book Club (or you can follow along on Instagram and do it on your own) 
  • # of Prompts: 5 challenge prompts
  • Giveaway Info: There will be at least 2 chances to win shop credit in the Facebook group throughout the week
  • Group Read: TBA, will vote in the book club group 
  • Bundle Info: The bundle for this theme will include the vertical kit, the readathon kit, and the extra sheet of reading stickers for $21.95!

This readathon is smack dab in the middle of summer, and here's a secret, I really hate summer kits. I feel like there's only so much you can do with summer but I realized, what's the best summer dessert? 

Ice cream!

I wanted to capture the vibes of a fun, pastel ice cream parlor, but with a bookish twist and I just HAD to make a readathon where we are building an ice cream cone because it's just so perfect! 

We'll be releasing this theme this Friday on 4/26th at 12pmCST and the readathon itself will take place June 3rd-9th so you have about eight weeks to get ready!

This blog post is going to go over all the info you need plus answer some frequently asked questions that I get about our readathons!

Our readathons have five prompts. For each book you read that fits a prompt, simply fill in the title and rating and then using one of the floral books to cover a grayed out book on the page. You can read one book per prompt or find books that fit multiple prompts

Here are the prompts:

  • Something Sweet: a book that’s low pressure and doesn’t take a ton of brain power
  • Dessert: a book from your fave author or series
  • Toppings: a book that contains two or more of your fave tropes
  • Rainbow Cover: A book that has a rainbow cover or is a color from the rainbow, especially if it matches the aesthetic of the kit.
  • Group Read/Free Space: We will vote for a group read in the Creating & Co Book Club to discuss during the event in the group from 6/3-6/9

If you have another way to interpreting the prompts, you can change it up! I won't police your book picks so feel free to make them work for you! You can also ask for recommendations or suggestions in the facebook group and we'll have posts that allow for book recs too.

For the week, you can deck out your planner in the weekly kit. We'll be releasing it in our vertical version, the deco version, and the mini kit version! We'll also have a couple of add ons filled with extra reading stickers so you can really tackle your reading goals! 

Each of our 2024 reading challenges and events will have a badge sticker that you can use with our Reading Challenge Tracker to keep track of all the events you participate in this year! (PS: You can check out the Spring Countryside and Fairytale Picnic stuff too!)

It's so much fun to see the sheets fill up as the year goes on and helps you feel accomplished as you complete each one!

Our readathon set will come with two pages (pictured above) and it's everything you need to track the readathon! The objective is to stack the ice cream scoops until you're done!

Now here's the important thing -- make sure you start stacking the scoops from the bottom and go to the top, so that each new scoop layers on top of the one below it. That way it will look natural at the end and not all wonky.

Here's what it will look like once you're done and it's all filled in. 

The rest of the stickers on the second sheet of the set is for your sidebar. Here's an example of how I use them

And finally, the set has a few of our new reading achievement stickers you can put in your layouts!

I also wanted to show you what the sidebar stickers from the readathon set could look like in your weekly sidebar if you decide to put them there! This is just an example so you could easily change it up a bit.

We're also going to be releasing our new deco sheets with this theme -- they'll be perfect if you read a book that features an ice cream shop (Can you imagine if we find an ice cream shop romance to read?!) or to use in your layout or for book review pages.

We used to release a line of reading stickers all in separate sheets that you can use throughout your planner in that color palette, but this year, we have a reading sampler of all our most popular reading stickers you can pick up! If you need more than this sheet, simply pick up an extra. This way, you can use these colors/theme all throughout your planner for longer than a week or just keep track of every bit of reading that week!


  • Do you have to buy stickers to participate in the readathon? No, our events are all free to participate in but having the stickers make them a lot more fun!
  • Do you have to read 5 books in one week? Absolutely not! You can read 1 book that covers all 5 prompts if you want or you can read 1 book for each prompt or any other number of books and have them cover as many prompts as you like. 
  • Do you have to read a certain genre? Not at all! I like to try to pick books that fit the theme but sometimes I'm just not in the mood for that genre or vibe so I'll pick another type of book that I am in the mood for and let the kit theme be just for fun.

We'll also be releasing our Oct-Dec monthlies and a couple of other kits you won't want to miss!


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