Apple Orchard Fall 2024 Reading Challenge Info

Apple Orchard Fall 2024 Reading Challenge Info


I took some massive inspo from an older kit with our fall reading challenge theme and I am so glad I did because I love it so much! 

Like everyone else, I am pretty much always grateful to see fall because not only do I love Halloween, but after a hot and humid summer, the slightly cooler temps are always welcome, but I do have to admit that a lot of the time, it's hard for me to think outside the box with fall themes for kits.

Admittedly, apple orchard is not too outside of the box, but I do tend to see more pumpkins and less apples for the season and the idea I had to turn it into a library apple orchard? I love it!

Hopefully, you love it as much as I do and get super excited to start the fall challenge! Let me go over everything here and then you can start building your TBR list!

You'll be able to add this theme to your cart on Thursday 7/11 @ 6pmCST so you can build your cart for our Ultimate Planner Sale starting on Friday! This weekend, the shop will be 30% off so definitely grab it if you can!

Officially, our fall season will be going from October-December so this is also the last reading challenge for this calendar year! It's a little weird for me, because we used to have winter go across two years and you guys convinced me not to. 

I mean, fall does officially end on the winter solstice, but still...weird.

That said, our planning party will be sometime in the first three weeks of November so we can get it in before the holiday season. If you're new, a planning party is when we show off our planners in the Creating & Co Book Club with lots of shop credit giveaways and chatting about books! 

As always, you can do the challenge on whatever dates makes most sense to you! We'll accept planner pics for the planning party anytime during the event. 

Alright, without further adieu, let's start showing off everything for the theme! First up, we have the weekly kit.

Like I said, this kit takes inspo from an older kit, but in general I just love the vibes! Since it was apple orchard and not pumpkins, I was able to use fall colors that I don't always use too and that makes me happy. 

For our weekly kit, we'll have the vertical option (shown above), our deco format and a single page deco format. 

We'll also have our new mini weekly kit that is perfect for planners that have a width of about 1.0" (or even 1.25" - 1.3" like the hobo cousin or vertical fully booked planners) and we'll have some checklist boxes and extra reading stickers to pick up if you want too.

As for the challenge itself, we will have a group read for it, though if you choose not to read the group read you can count it as a free space. We will start voting on the group read in the Creating & Co Book Club after the theme goes live. 

There will be 5 prompts other than the group read (for 6 total). No worries, if you're someone who reads a ton of books, we'll have some other options to add to this! 

 In case this is your first challenge with us, here's how it works:

  • Each prompt has something that you're going to find on a book cover. Let's say the prompt is "jewel". You'll find a book that has jewels on the cover. 
  • Write the title of the book on your challenge table and read the book
  • Pick up the book sticker and place it over the faded book on the side of the prompt
  • Repeat until you finish all the prompts!

Our most common size is 4.75" x 6.75", which is shown above. It fits perfectly in our build your own book journal too! I also use it in my a5 bullet journal.

We will also have a couple of other sizes:

  • A 7" x 9" version that you can use in most common planners--Erin Condren, Happy Planner, Yellow Paper House, Paper House Productions, etc.
  • A "books only" option that has some book shaped labels and a header so you can arrange them however you'd like in your planner 

You can also feel free to draw your own layout and join the event and chat with us!

Each of our challenges come with a badge sticker that is handy for keeping track of the challenges you've completed through the year. You can make your own layout to keep track or pick up one of our tracking dashboards (larger size) and fill it in as the year goes on!

So there's no confusion, here's the official explanation of our Fall prompts:

  1. Fire - A book that has fire or flames on the cover. 
  2. Fall Fruit or Vegetable - Inspired by apples and pumpkins, we're looking for a book that has either one (or any other fall produce) on the cover. I suppose we could also be looking for a pie too. 
  3. Books - Since fall definitely makes me think of libraries and thrift stores, we're going to look for a book that has a book or shelves on the cover
  4. Forest Animal - A book with a forest animal that is synonymous with fall on the covers. Some examples would be squirrels or foxes but could also be a turkey or something else
  5. Sports - Fall says sports to me, even though not all sports take place during fall so I decided it was time to find a book with a sport or sports equipment depicted on the cover
  6. Group Read/Free Space - We'll be voting on the group read in the Creating & Co Book Club. I like for it to cover a few prompts if possible, but also fit the vibes of the kit, but you can always use it as a free space if you like!

    I'll be posting threads all week to ask for suggestions for these books, so make sure you check them out in the Creating & Co Book Club to leave your own recommendations or get ideas!

    This year, I wanted to give you a few options for tracking your reading over the season. Instead of just being a seasonal challenge and that's it, I thought it would be fun to expand it to cover the whole season, if that makes sense. 

    First up, we have a bookshelf for fall! We released a general books read shelf last year but I wanted to make them for the seasonal challenges too. This is just for keeping track of any books you read during the fall season, whether you read them for the challenge or not.


    If you're a big reader, we also have a seasonal book bingo! This way, if you want to really challenge yourself, you can do two challenges for the season (the main one and this one) and if you want even more of a challenge, you can try to get a black out bingo!

    I became obsessed with getting the kindle reading achievements in my app this year, so I also wanted to try out creating stickers for reading achievements! This way, you can join the fun whether you have a kindle or not. 

    The idea is for you to just place the sticker on the day you get the achievement but I do have some future plans for this idea too. (I just forever run out of time). 

    I'm currently working on a list of reading achievements so if you have any ideas, please email me at to let me know! 

    So if I read a book in the bath on Monday, I'd put it at the bottom of my Monday and when I flip through my planner, I can see where the achievements were made AND based on the color, I can guess what season I was working on at the time (if I wasn't paying attention to dates)

    I'm also doing another thing that I realized I needed in my book journal -- deco dashboards! As I was laying my stickers and stuff in my journal, I realized that sometimes I just needed a deco page to fill up a blank page (like the back of a section before I start the new section)

    I'm not good at drawing but since I am good at designing stickers, I've been making them for myself sometimes but I realized I really should bring them to the shop! Here are the ones I made for the fall theme!
    These are literally just stickers you peel and stick when you need to take up space in your planner, but let me tell you...I am OBSESSED!
    Finally, we do have a couple of vinyl stickers that match this theme too!

    Before I show you the rest of the releases for the week, I also wanted to let you know that you'll be able to pick up a bundle of the most essential fall reading challenge items!

    All 6 items together would be just over $35 but if you pick up the bundle, you'll get a bit of a discount with the bundle being $32.95. It's mostly just an easy way to get you in and out of the shop if you're in a hurry!

    Like I said, we'll be joining in on the Ultimate Planner Sale this week and our shop will be 30% off so let me go ahead and show you the other releases that we'll be sharing! There's no way I can show everything though AND we've been releasing a lot lately, so be sure you make plans to shop around! 

    First up, we have another vampire associated kit (There will be at least one more too lol) 

    Next, I have some more labels that are in some fun shapes! I liked the other ones we released so well, I had to add a few more.
    I also wanted to make some dashboards that were similar to the fall ones, but great for anywhere in your planner. If the dashboards are popular, I'm already planning to design ones that match each season but also maybe some that are just generally bookish/planner related.
    We'll also have a few new notes page options, including a savings plan and an advanced reader copy page! 

    To use the savings plan -- you can assign each book on the shelf a dollar amount and then color it in once you've saved that much. It's designed to be a weekly savings plan, but even though you'd be starting it halfway through the year, you could use it through next summer!

    The advanced reader copy one was requested and I can't believe I didn't release it before! I basically used the table I created in my own journal for it and next time I need to create a table, I will definitely just grab this sticker. 

    There's a couple of other releases that will be in the shop so stay tuned to social media to see any other sneaks! 
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