Written Waters 2023 Readathon

Since we visited the desert for our Summer Reading Challenges, I thought we'd take to the sea for our June readathon! We're going to be exploring the seven seas of Bookverse and discovering a pirate port town!

This theme will be released on May 12th at 12pmCST and the readathon itself will take place June 26th-July 2nd.

This blog post is going to go over all the info you need plus answer some frequently asked questions that I get about our readathons!

Jump to the questions or keep reading to see all the details.


  • Estimated last day to order items: Jun 5th (Due to possible delays, this is not an exact date)
  • Readathon Dates: Monday, June 26th - Sunday, July 2nd
  • Location: Creating & Co Book Club (or you can follow along on Instagram and do it on your own) 
  • # of Prompts: 5 challenge prompts
  • Giveaway Info: There will be at least 2 chances to win shop credit in the Facebook group throughout the week
  • Group Read: TBA, will vote in the book club group 

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Written Waters 5x7 Readathon Dashboard and Sticker Trackers - RC257
Written Waters Add Ons for Weekly Planner Kit  - KA454
Written Waters Creative Journaling and Planning Kit - CJ454
Written Waters Vertical Weekly Planner Kit  - BK454
Bookish Life - Written Waters Vinyl Die Cut Sticker - BLBVS
Written Waters "Anti-Kit" Bullet Journal Decorative Stickers - AK454
Written Waters Matte Large Die Cut Sticker  - BC454
Written Waters Bookmark
Audiobooks and E-Readers - Written Waters - Functional Stickers  - RD801
July Written Waters Monthly Reading Tracking Dashboards - MR019
Star Rating - Written Waters - Functional Stickers  - RD802
Book Date Dots / Date Numbers - Written Waters - Functional Stickers  - RD798
Books are Treasures - Written Waters Vinyl Die Cut Sticker - BATVS
Started Reading - Written Waters - Functional Stickers  - RD795
Written Waters Journal Card Pack - PS178
Finished Reading - Written Waters - Functional Stickers  - RD796
July Written Waters Monthly Kit for Our Book Journal & Similar Planners - MS019
July Written Waters Monthly Kit for 7x9 Planners - MN019
July Written Waters Monthly Functional Character Sampler - MX019
July Written Waters Monthly Booksy Die Cut - MD019
Booksy Reads - Written Waters - Functional Stickers  - RD797
Bookstacks - Written Waters - Functional Stickers  - RD799
Booksy Watching Media - Written Waters - Functional Stickers  - RD803
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