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Neutral Bookshelf & Floating Books Foiled Washi Tape Set
Neutral Floating Books 15mm Foiled Washi Tape
Neutral Floating Books 8mm Foiled Washi Tape
Black & White Book Bow Foiled Washi Tape Set
Week is Booked Weekly Planner Kit  - BK268
Week is Booked Reading Functional Sampler Add On - KA26806
Week is Booked "Anti-Kit" Bullet Journal Decorative Stickers - AK268
Week is Booked Faux Glitter or Shattered Glass Functional Sampler Add On  - KA26803
Week is Booked Creative Journaling and Planning Kit - CJ268
Week is Booked HORIZONTAL Weekly Planner Kit  - HK268
Week is Booked HALF Weekly Planner Kit  - FK268
Black & White Glittery Bow Clip
Week is Booked Header, Icon Label, and Washi Strips Add On- KA26802
Week is BookedLarge Die Cut Sticker / Bullet Journal "Cover"  - DI152
Week is Booked Ombre Box Add On - KA26801
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