Summer 2023 Reading Challenges

I was a little worried about summer's reading challenge because I just had no ideas. I mean, there's only so many times I could do a beach reading kit, you know? 

But, no worries, the fact that each season is meant to be a royal court in a different corner of Bookverse worked in my favor and we managed to get a theme that's been requested for a long time!

The summer corner of Bookverse is a hot, arid desert kingdom with lots of books and owls the color of sand that will deliver books to us in the village!

This theme will be in the shop on Friday 4/28 at 12PMcst and officially this challenge will last from June - August!

As always, this is just the official season, but these are designed to be self-start so you can decide when you begin and end the challenge. This way, you can do the summer challenge when it is the most appropriate for you, either by weather or some other reason.

The weekly kit is one that just came together so easily-- I was surprised by how quickly I had a kit version that I loved! The colors seemingly don't go together as well, which admittedly made it hard to make all the functional stuff, but I think they look beautiful together in the kit!

Our weekly kits will come in the three formats -- vertical, journaling and an "anti-kit" that is just for people that want a bit of deco! We will also have a few add ons if you use certain items more than others -- checklist boxes, reading stickers, washi type stickers, etc. 

Our seasonal challenges all have a bunch of stickers that fit the theme released so you can actually use the theme all season if you want!

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Lost in a Book - Summer 2023 Reading Challenge - Bookshelf Washi + Ombre Foiled Washi Tape Set (15mm + 10mm) - LIABWT
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