Make Waves February Readathon

Are you ready for another adventure into the Bookverse?! We're heading underwater for our first side quest of the year. We'll be visiting the Page Sea because a terrible curse has taken over the kingdom! The queen was able to get one message in a bottle out to me, asking for us to come and read some books that will help break the curse!

Our expedition will take place February 21st - February 27th but first, we need to suit up our planners with everything we'll need for the quest!

For this readathon, we're going to be reading books that fit 5 prompts to allow each of the creatures to unfreeze and get back to their happy, reading lives!

Here's all 5:

  1. Beautiful
  2. Water
  3. Love
  4. Cursed
  5. Group Read

For all of these prompts, you can interpret them how you want! Make sure to head over to the Creating & Co Book Club to start brainstorming books!

For each prompt, you will have a creature sticker and you can place each creature on top of their faded out counterpart on the dashboard until you've saved all the creatures!

Once you've completed one prompt, you repeat the same process until you've completed the amount of prompts you want to complete.

We will be picking a group read starting the second or third week in January in the Readathon Event Group.

As always, we're releasing a weekly kit, a line of functional items, and the readathon tracking stickers. We try to have as many options as possible so you'll be able to find stickers that work best for your planning style!

You'll be able to choose from multiple weekly kit options. I'm switching over to the Creative Journaling format this year, but we'll have our vertical, horizontal, half, and anti-kits available as well!

Each of our 2021 reading events will have a badge sticker that you can use with our Reading Challenge Tracker to keep track of all the events you participate in this year!



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