2022 Reading Challenges

I'm so excited to be gearing up for 2022! This year has flown by, which is good because I've been planning the 2022 reading events since July 😂

We're going on a bit of a virtual trip this year. 

Into the Bookverse is going to be a year long event where we've all pulled a Jumanji and got pulled into a new bookish video game, Into the Bookverse!

All of our reading challenges and readathons will be new "levels" and "side quests" and for each challenge you complete, you're one step closer to Reading Royalty, where we can all hang out with the princess in the castle's library!

I'm so excited to explore the bookverse with you and maybe even revisit some former bookverse destinations 👀

Our first destination is the main level -- I picture this level sort of like that Mario N64 game where you could explore the castle and each room is a different quest -- so yeah, envision that with me.
Our first level or challenge for this year is our year long reading challenge! This will have 24 prompts and just like last year, we'll be filling out a bookshelf as we read!

We'll have a few different sizes. Our most popular is shown below--it is a set of 2 5"x7" (well, 4.75" x 6.75") dashboards + book stickers.

 In case this is your first challenge with us, here's how it works:

  • Each prompt on the challenge has a number that corresponds to it. Let's say for the first book you read, you pick the first prompt of a book with "leaves on cover". 
  • You can write in the title of the book you read in the challenge table
  • And then pick a book sticker that looks like the one that has the 1 on it in the empty shelf. Place that book sticker over the greyed out book labeled 1 on the shelf!
  • Repeat until you fill up your shelf!

33 results
2022 Reading Event Tracking Dashboards - RC115
Level Up! 2022 Reading Challenge Dashboard and Sticker Trackers - RC119
2022 Reading Challenge Dashboard and Sticker Trackers - RC112
Level Up 2022 Reading Challenge Badge Die Cut Sticker  - PS093
2022 Reading Challenge Separated Reading Challenge Sticker Set - RC113
Reading Progress 52 Week TBR Jar Tracker - RC116
Genre Tetris Reading Challenge Tracking Stickers - RC127
Into the Bookverse 2022 Reading Challenge Badge Die Cut Sticker  - PS081
2022 Reading Challenge Open Book Label Stickers - RC114
2022 Popsugar Reading Challenge Tracking Stickers - RC124
Into the Bookverse Creative Journaling and Planning Kit - CJ359
2022 Reading Challenge Dashboard and Sticker Trackers for 7x9 Planners - RC111
Into the Bookverse Weekly Planner Kit  - BK359
Into the Bookverse Large Die Cut Sticker / Bullet Journal "Cover"  - BC359
Blank 50 Slot Reading Progress TBR Jar Tracker - RC123
Into the Bookverse "Anti-Kit" Bullet Journal Decorative Stickers - AK359
Into the Bookverse Planner Kit Add Ons  - KA359
Booknerd Magazine Into the Bookverse 2022 Reading Challenge Die Cut Sticker  - PS083
Blank TBR Jar Tracker - RC117
Into the Bookverse 2022 Reading Challenge Heading Die Cut Sticker  - PS082
Create Your Own Reading Challenge Dashboard and Sticker Trackers - RC118
Book Castle Matte Die Cut Sticker  - PS089
Small Book Alphabet Letter Stickers
Into the Bookverse Journal Card Pack 1 -  PS092
Piranha Plant Eating a Book Matte Die Cut Sticker  - PS088
Emotionally Attached Journal Card Pack - PS085
Mini Full Boxes - Into the Bookverse - Functional Stickers  - RD619
Blank 50 Slot Progress Tracker TBR Jar Tracker - RC122
Bookverse Matte Die Cut Sticker  - PS091
Villains Journal Card Pack 2 - Maleficent, Ursula, Queen of Hearts, Evil Queen - PS087
Into the Bookverse HORIZONTAL Weekly Planner Kit  - HK359
Villains Journal Card Pack 1 - Voldemort, Harley, Death Star, Oz - PS086
Book Number Stickers
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