The Girl Behind Books and Planners!

The Girl Behind Books and Planners!

by Darchelle Vajen


Hello Creating & Co community!  I am so excited to be part of the new Street Team!  My name is Darchelle and I am obsessed with all things planners and reading (hence my IG handle!)  I can’t wait to get some blog posts going & get to know all of you better!  I absolutely love networking & talking to like-minded folks.

So a little about me.  I live in Kansas with my husband and our two cats.  We just moved into our house last year and we love it!  What persuaded me was the office with the bookshelves.  I quickly claimed that as my own.  That room is still a work-in-progress; I haven’t gotten it exactly as I want it yet. 

I love reading most genres.  My favorites have to be mystery/thriller, but I love young adult, fantasy, historical fiction, contemporary, horror, crime, etc.  I love switching it up!  I am a huge Harry Potter nerd as well. 

As far as my planner obsession, it started years ago.  I was always that kid that was obsessed with office supplies.  I always wanted an endless amount of pens and highlighters.  My favorite time of year was back-to-school shopping.  There was just something about writing in that wide-ruled notebook for the first time.  I also loved stickers!  I was that kid that wanted to personalize and decorate everything.  I had every collection of Lisa Frank stickers out there!  I can’t remember my first real planner, but I know that we had planners in grade school to keep track of our homework and I loved that thing.  I have been using Erin Condren planners for probably the last 10 years, but I just recently got into decorating my planner last year.  Now I also use a mini happy planner and have played around with a Carpe Diem planner as well.  I’m still trying to find that planner peace, although my Erin Condren is my favorite right now!

I look forward to getting to know you all.  For more photos, check out my Instagram account or hit up my YouTube channel to see plan with me videos!


All the best,



C&C Street Team

Your bookshelf is #goals I want a room like that when I buy a house lol… Loved reading your blog!

C&C Street Team

Hey Darchelle I love your bookshelf, your pictures look great. I can wait to read your next blog posts.

C&C Street Team

Yay! Great job! Love your office!

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