Street Team Intro: Kylie

Street Team Intro: Kylie

By: Kylie Weiss


Hey everyone my names Kylie and I am really excited to have been selected as part of the Creating & Co Street Team. I’m a single mom who’s always been a planner but I didn’t get serious about it till around 3 years ago. I feel like my planning style has been through the ringer and is ever changing just like I am. From bullet journals and happy planners to traveler’s notebooks and ring bounds I have tried almost everything. I am currently rocking personal rings and it’s an experiment I’m really enjoying. I’m a Ravenclaw, a book junkie, a planner nerd, a gamer, but most importantly a proud mom.

In my upcoming posts, I really want to talk about all the things we go through as planners.  Some of those things include the need to switch out our planners for new sizes and styles, different planning styles, planner peace, tips, and planner fears. I may even wiggle in some book posts. I can’t wait to start this adventure!


C&C Street Team

Hey Kylie! I look forward to reading your blogs girl!

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