Foil is Coming Back!?

Foil is Coming Back!?

No, you're not seeing things. We're bringing back foil! Just in a different way than before...

So I think it's no secret that we had a lot of problems with the foiled kits in the past. The main reason is that to do those, we had to use two printers and in case you didn't know, two printers almost NEVER prints the same.

We would spend all day aligning printers and then when we'd start the next morning, it would be off alignment. I bet you can imagine the tears.

BUT we decided that we could do foil overlays--only printer involved there and way less tears.

So the first foiled overlay release will be on 8/22/19 at 9am CST

And the best part? You can pick your own foil color!

For right now, we're going to start out with just the foil colors below: silver, gold, copper and silver pixie dust. We do have plans to add more in the future.

We will also have the option for  us to add no foil, if you just want the stickers in black.

The paper we will be using will be a clear glossy paper, so you can use these stickers wherever you want! 

We will also be releasing foiled die cuts! These are on our current glossy cardstock, but now they can really shine in your planners!

We didn't leave kits out completely. We decided to offer foil overlays for select kits! At this time, we aren't completely sure what kits will have a foiled add on, but I plan to do at least one a month.

We designed the first foil overlay for kits for our Read in Peace readathon that is taking place in October. Head over to that blog post to learn more.

You may notice that the sheet has quotes on it--I made these to fit exactly over the quotes in the full boxes for our weekly kits! You can layer them over your full boxes or stick them wherever you'd like!

We hope you're excited for the foil overlays! We are too and we can't WAIT to start using them in our planners!

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